A Week of Waiting

The first mammogram is over and a week of waiting for the biopsy appointment begins. My emotions are all over the place. My gut is telling me I have cancer but those around me are telling me to not worry until we know for sure. I found myself fine one minute and an absolute wreck the next. We still at this point had not told the kids that anything was wrong. We were trying to wait until we knew more to prevent unneeded worry. I was trying so hard not to cry in front of them, but they could tell when I had been crying. I made excuses and played it off. Maybe that was wrong, but at the time it felt right.

With Isaac about to start fifth grade and Jordan two weeks from moving to college, our lives were busy with packing and shopping. Eli is all over the place and into everything. They always keep me busy! It was a good way to keep my mind off of me!

One of the most exciting things of the week was my birthday. 37 years…i was trying to focus on the positive and enjoy my day, but the upcoming biopsy loomed. I remember wanting to take a lot of pictures because “This could be my last birthday”. What a rollercoaster of emotions.

The family and a few close friends took me out to dinner for my big day. I had been craving chicken fried chicken and Texas Roadhouse would be the perfect place to get it! For a few hours I was able to focus on having fun with my family and friends and not the biopsy that would take place the very next day.

Here are a few pictures of dinner! The hat I am wearing is a Cotterville tradition. I’m not sure exactly when it started, but i wanted to get one more thing for Isaac’s birthday one year and found this hat on Amazon. Since that day it has been worn by everyone in Cotterville on their birthday. It was a big hit for the staff at Texas Roadhouse and a complete embarrassment to by boys. That made it more awesome for me to wear it.

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