He Makes Me Laugh

So many have told me that staying positive will be critical in my treatment. I have tried from day one to find the positive in each but of information we are given. We have laughed about some of the strangest things, mostly to keep from crying.

PlChris is wonderful at making me laugh at just the right times. While sitting in the conference room waiting to meet our oncologist and hear the treatment plan, my anxiety was high. I was unsure what the doctor would say about how to cure the cancer and my overall survival of this disease. I am not sure what Chris was feeling at the time, but he looked over at me and said, have you looked at the wallpaper in here? I had seen it but not noticed anything note worthy. I took a second look.

Still not seeing anything I inquired what his mind was thinking. He said, do you think it’s a coincidence that the wallpaper looks like the anatomy of a breast? After laughing for quite a while I completely saw what he was looking at.

Over the last month we have been in many doctors offices and exams rooms and seen our fair share of breast diagrams. And he’s right, it totally does look like that! We may have to ask of this was intentional, if we can do that with a straight face!

No matter what happens in your life find joy. A smile or a laugh goes a long way!