18 Down, 10 To Go!!

I just got home from radiation treatment number 18! So far, treatment has been easy! I go in for my 8:30 appointment every morning and am home by 9. Every Monday I see my radiation oncologist. These visits literally last a minute, maybe two.

Today was no different. I received treatment and went to an radar room to see the doctor. She walks in and we exchange pleasantries. She looks at the area being treated, states it looks perfect, asks if I have any questions, and we’re done.

I joked and said I wish all my visits were that quick. Could she have a discussion with Dr. K, my medical oncologist, about the length of her appointments? As were were walking out we both got a good chuckle.

I will leave you today with a few pictures. This past weekend, my baby turned 19 and for the first time in years I got to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom. We had a fabulous weekend!

I am one blessed Momma!
How can he be 19?!?
Enjoying Isaac’s baseball games with Mom and Dad!