Am I Old or Not?

Before I get to explaining the title of this post I will provide you with an update. I am five days post-chemo and for the most part holding up well. I have had fatigue and in the last few days some nausea has set in. I have lost some taste, which is for sure a … Continue reading "Am I Old or Not?"

What is the Meaning of This?

Trying to figure out all that has been going on with Carrie’s health has been overwhelming, to say the least. I am just a simple person that works in the information technology field that loves amateur radio, firearms, and serving in the Children’s Ministry at church. When Carrie showed concern about something she found in … Continue reading "What is the Meaning of This?"

This Feels Different

One of the first questions Dr. P asked me was, “When did you first notice this lump”? I couldn’t tell her. I honestly had no idea. I believe it was about three months ago. While in the shower I felt something that wasn’t normal. I began trying to self-diagnose. “It’s probably from stopping breastfeeding”. I … Continue reading "This Feels Different"