I feel…..normal

Today (Tuesday) should have been my fourth AC chemo, but due to the Thanksgiving scheduling at the clinic, and my insurance requiring a certain number of days between treatments, I had to push the treatment to next week. I can’t say that I’m upset. I don’t want to do this chemo again. I hate the … Continue reading "I feel…..normal"

Happy Halloween!

This post is going to be a fun one! 2020 has been a year of cancelations and disappointments, but yesterday, Halloween, was the most normal it has felt in a while. I woke up feeling decent. My major complaint over the past week has been fatigue. I have always loved sleep, but I have slept … Continue reading "Happy Halloween!"

How Important is Family History

We have all been to appointments and been asked hundreds of questions about family history. It is annoying and something that I didn’t pay much attention to until recently. History is used to know if you are at a greater likelihood of certain diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and even some cancers. I want … Continue reading "How Important is Family History"