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This Feels Different

One of the first questions Dr. P asked me was, “When did you first notice this lump”? I couldn’t tell her. I honestly had no idea.

I believe it was about three months ago. While in the shower I felt something that wasn’t normal. I began trying to self-diagnose. “It’s probably from stopping breastfeeding”. I had Eli in December 2018 and breastfed until roughly October of 2019. The feeling I had was as if a milk duct was clogged and I assumed it would improve on its own.

Another excuse I made was that it was hormones. I was having other symptoms of hormone imbalance and had convinced myself it was all related. I watch medical dramas on TV and love all things medical, so I know it’s nothing bad. Anyone who knows me well just laughed out loud. I know you did. I laughed while writing that sentence!

About three months ago I went to Dr P. for my annual gynecology exam. We discussed some of the symptoms I was having and those symptoms led her to believe I was suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). I began taking medication for that and a sonogram of my ovaries was ordered. I didn’t mention anything about the lump because I knew it was nothing.

COVID-19 hit right around the time of my scheduled sonogram so we opted to postpone the appointment. Finally, in July I scheduled the sonogram. It was negative for PCOS. Dr. P said I had every symptom but the actual cysts. We would watch it and take further action if needed. Text of my hormone levels all came back within normal ranges. Some on the lower side, but nothing of concern. It was something we would continue to monitor yearly at exams.

It was at this point, while sitting in her office, I thought I should mention the lump. Dr. P and I love to chat. She had been in there a while and was getting ready to walk out. She asked if there was anything else. I said, well actually, I have this lump on my right breast. She felt and said, “I definitely feel something”.

I felt she had the same level of concern I did. She said this is probably just a benign cyst. To be safe I want you to have a mammogram and sonogram of the breast. The imaging place is just down the hall. I gathered my things along with my referral and headed to their office to make an appointment.

“Our first available appointment is in two weeks, August 5th”. Thanks again COVID! The appointment was scheduled and I went along with life as normal. No concern about the upcoming tests.