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Your Children WILL Humble You

This political season has been rough. I think it might have been worse than in the past, but I don’t think it is anything new. Our children see how we react to everything, including this. Just like most other, I have gone out of my way to try and show grace and be friendly, even to those of the opposite political side. I did vote for Trump, but not because of some loyalty I have for the Republican party, definitely not, but specifically because of policies. Isaac and Jordan know this.

We were walking around doing some trick-or-treat’ing on Saturday night and there was a fair share of Trump and Biden signs. I didn’t think anything of it. All of the sudden, we walked up to a house with a Biden sign, and Isaac looks at me through his T-Rex costume and he says, “Dad are we gonna get candy from some of those Biden supporter people? You know how kids say things like THOSE Biden supporter people. Was I taken aback? Yes. I have really tried hard not to show ill towards someone of another political viewpoint. Did he see this come from me? Maybe he saw the chaos on the news. I don’t know.

Once I realized what he said, I had to make sure that he understood that I didn’t believe that this family that supported Joe Biden was some sort of half-bread people. They had a beautiful family. A mom, dad, and kids dressed up in some of the cutest princess dresses you have ever seen before. I made sure to tell him that we can disagree on things, but still respect each other because we are still American’s and can still take candy from them. That may or may not have an effect on him in the future, but at least he can see his old man trying to be kind to strangers. The rioters, public agitators, and politicians do not accurately reflect America and Americans. I’m not being passive here, but we have to teach our kids how to be decent people and I think that 99.8% of people are doing it right.

Why does this have to be strange and uncommon? I don’t think it does.