AC Chemo is Done!!

I am so happy to say we can check off another box on the cancer treatment to-do list. Today I received my fourth and final AC chemo!

Today’s treatment was a bit different. I forgot to apply the lidocaine cream that numbs the area around my port. It was worried how bad them accessing the port would be. My anxiety was high and my heart was racing (135 beats per minute). The nurse told me it shouldn’t be too bad, but that she had also never experienced it. I have a fairly high tolerance for pain l, but I was still nervous. The infusion nurse counted down and said “here comes a big poke”. It didn’t hurt any worse than having my blood drawn or a shot. I had worried for no reason! Whew, that part was over. Then an issue arose with my port. In order to start the anti-nausea medication they have to get a flash of blood out of my port. They couldn’t get it to work. Two nurses and arranging myself in several different positions later we finally got it to corporate. There was concern I would need a different medication to remove blockages and kick start my port. That would have added an hour to my time in e infusion chair and there was not enough time before closing to do it all. I might have to reschedule. Thankfully, the nurses kept trying until they were successful and the infusion was able to begin! 90 minutes later I was done and headed to get some Tacos, it is Tuesday, and now I’m preparing for bed.

The next few days will be rough, but I know that there is happier healthier days ahead.

I will take my usual two weeks and then start my next chemo drug, Taxol. I will have weekly infusions for 12 weeks. The side effects should be much less severe.

Below is a picture of me today while waiting to see the doctor. I am smiling, but the darn masks is in the way!