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First Radiation Done!

It has been a while since I have updated you all. Life has been very busy, but in a good way! I am working two part-time jobs. One at our church as a children’s ministry assistant. I LOVE IT!! the other job is back with the company that gave me a chance 10 years ago as a newbie transcriptionist. I am managing several accounts for them and I also love it! In addition to work we have karate and baseball for Isaac.

Today, I had my first of 28 radiation treatments. It was very easy. The last few weeks have been preparing for today. I went in last week to have a CT done. The doctor used that to make a radiation plan. At that appointment they also gave me three tattoos. These small dots are used to line me up on the machine. They are permanent, but thankfully are only the size of a freckle and hardly noticeable.

On Monday I went in for my dry run. This is where they map everything out and prepare to make a template for my actual treatment. This appointment was long. It took about 45 minutes and I was sore afterwards just from laying flat on my back with my arms above my head. I left with a lot of fun colors drawn on my skin. It goes from my sternum to under my arm. They will be treating my chest wall and lymphatic system as those are the two most common places for occurrence.

I have no idea what all those makes mean, but they do and that’s all that matters!

Today, my appointment was scheduled for 8:30 and I was back out in the car by 8:50. The radiation machine is pretty cool. The table rotates you into the perfect position. They check to make sure everything is lined up and then zap you. I was zapped five times in different places. Each one lasted maybe five seconds. I felt nothing. The machine would make a noise and a light in the wall would flash and that’s the only way I knew the radiation was being done.

One down, 27 to go. I will go Monday through Friday. If I’ve done my math correct, my last treatment will be May 24!

A New Me

I am writing this eight days since my last chemo. I have not felt this well in months! There are still some lingering side effects. I do still struggle with neuropathy in my fingers, but it does seem to be improving. I’m hopeful it will eventually go away completely. There is still some loss of taste, but I’m thrilled to report that is slowly returning as well. Fatigue is still a struggle, but I’m not sure how much that is chemo related and how much it is because I’ve basically done nothing since September and have no stamina. As Eli gets bigger I find it hard to hold him for more than a few minutes because my arms are weak. Walking wears me out. I naturally like to run everywhere I go and I get winded and have to stop to catch my breath. That too should improve with time and movement! Building up muscle tone will also take time. Who wants to lift weights with me? No one, okay I understand!

I wanted to share a fun text I got yesterday. A dear friend and I had been texting back and forth and then she said, “Guess what today is!” My first thought was that it was April Fool’s Day and wondering how she had pranked me…I replied with, “April Fool’s Day.” While I waited for the gotcha moment…She quickly replied, “No, it’s Thursday and you have no chemo!!” I absolutely love how so many close to me jumped on this rollercoaster and have taken the ride alongside me. She was celebrating with me as many of you have. It sure makes a girl feel special! And as a side note, I don’t think I even wore pink! I’m giving other colors a chance.

Instead of having chemo, I went for a radiation mapping appointment and I will do a separate post on that. I then went to work and had a great afternoon. We were made aware of a “Future Raiders” baseball game at the high school and I wanted to take Isaac, but I wasn’t sure how tired I would be after a full day. I was feeling okay so I cooked dinner and proposed going to the game to the family. We hadn’t done anything like this in a while because of me and COVID, but we decided to go. I am so glad we did! I can say I would much rather be outside enjoying a perfect Texas night spending time with my family than asleep in bed feeling horrible after chemo! I was still not that tired after returning home and enjoyed relaxing with Chris and watching pointless YouTube videos. It was such a huge difference from the 12 previous Thursdays.

I titles this post “A New Me” because it is truly how I feel. I am settling into my new jobs. Yes, jobs. Both are going great and God is doing some amazing things. I never intended to go back to work full-time, but these two part-time jobs will keep me good and busy during the days. It has felt so good having something to do and feeling productive.

This week has felt…normal. I know that thanks to 2020 it’s a new normal, but it’s the most normal I have felt in a year. I am working. I am attending baseball practices with Isaac. We are going to watch baseball as a family. Six months ago I wasn’t sure those things would ever happen for me. There was so much uncertainty as to if I would be around to do those things.

While my fight isn’t over, the hard part is done. Surgery and chemo are behind me and by mid-May I will be done with daily/weekly doctor visits.

To quote the lyrics of one of my go-to songs, The Father’s House, “My story isn’t over, my story’s just begun” I cannot wait to see the chapters God is going to write for me!

Isaac taking in his first “real game”