Happy October

How is it possible that it is October already. This year is a blur, but specifically the last two months. Our journey with breast cancer began roughly two months ago when I had the first mammogram and sonogram. Chris and I were talking recently and both discussed how little we really remember about August and September. It was a whirlwind. I feel like we had enough appointments to take up a year in the last two months and we are really just getting started.

I have proof it was a blur. I was looking back through blog posts the other day and realized I had discussed surgery day in detail in two separate blog posts. I questioned why no one told me! Apparently, I wrote the post entitled “Surgery Day” in the middle of the night following my surgery. I have ZERO recollection of writing that post. The way Chris tells it, when he woke up about seven that morning I asked him to proof a blog post I had written overnight. He did, and I posted it. I must say, for someone who has no recollection of doing this, I am proud of my writing abilities while apparently highly medicated. Chris. And I got some good laughs when discussing this and my genuine shock of not remembering it. While this instance was because of medication,, the rest of the last two month feels much the same. This is one of the reasons I am blogging the experience,, so that we can look back later and remember..

Recovery from surgery has been interesting. I wouldn’t say it’s been horribly painful, but a better word would be uncomfortable. There is swelling, mostly under my arm. There is a tightness as I try to move and regain full range of motion, but I’m getting there. My drain and stitches were removed on Monday. I was nervous about pain associated with that process and there was none. The nurse had told me to just stop in and they would take care of it. I was in and out in ten minutes and got a surprise visit by Dr. B. I did not expect to get to see her, but she stopped in to make sure I was doing okay and removed my stitches. Once the drain came out I was told that I had no restrictions. I was allowed to do whatever I felt like doing. I still have been taking it easy, but did manage to make tacos for dinner the other night. I am trying to be as active as possible leading up to chemo beginning. But don’t worry, I. am not overdoing it!

My doctors all told me that exercise is important. The weather is providing a perfect environment to get out and walk around the neighborhood so that is what the boys and I did yesterday.. The pandemic has prevented us all from getting out and doing things, but we have no excuses now that summer is over for not getting outside for fresh air and sunshine!!

Finally, as most of you are probably aware, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I hope to do some specific posts about awareness and prevention so stay tuned for those.