Late Night Video Update!

Hi! So it’s 4:30 am…steroids got me awake! I thought why not do a video update….I mean you all can see my hot mess, no sleep in the last 21 hours self! And in the spirit of keeping it real, this video is unedited and done in one take! Enjoy

Side note….The dogs are in here with me and when I watched this back I heard that Fabio, our grey American Staffie, was serenading you with snores! I guess I tune it out, but he was rocking it!

Here is the video followed by a pic of my staffie!

3 thoughts on “Late Night Video Update!

  1. Deni

    Girl! Give it 2 weeks and you’ll have a messy bun! So excited to see your hair growing back. And comb overs are much more stylish for women…just sayin! I love you and am motivated by your strength. Your husband is a rockstar!

  2. Amy

    Thanks for doing the video, Carrie❤️ It was great to see you! So glad you’re on the final countdown to this round of treatments. Catch that sleep/rest whenever your body allows. Praying for you and your family…all of your family…and pray that you can all be together very soon! Love y’all bunches💕

  3. Kristen Priddy

    What about nose hair? I went to the first Heart Strong Faith Woment Bible conference, and author Feinberg challenged us to be grateful. “If you can’t find anything else to be grateful for:m“ she told us, “be grateful for nose hairs.“ She proceeded to tell us about her chemotherapy and how she lost everything, including her nose hair. Until she lost it she had never appreciated all nose hair did for her, keeping her nasal drippings inside her nose for example.

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