Taxol 5/12

It is hard to believe I am heading to treatment five of 12 this morning. This past week was, yet again, different from the first three. I am not sure what a normal reaction to treatment is!

I experienced bone pain and slept way more than the previous weeks. I had two days of awake unable to sleep and then all I did was sleep. Sleeping was good and bad. While asleep I didn’t feel the pain, but I slept through a lot of family time. Thankfully, my family and friends are wonderful and understand! I have missed going to church and being fed in-person with God’s word and the love of my church family. It believe Christmas Eve was the last time I attended. I pray I feel well enough this weekend to go!

I started feeling much better by Tuesday and had a solid day and a half of good. Knowing I have to go through it all again his morning is hard. I don’t get as much recovery time as when I was going every two weeks, but treatments will be over sooner rather than dragging on!

Curious to see what week five brings. I will update more later this week!

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