What I Take to Chemo Treatments

One of the questions I had in the beginning of the chemo process what was I needed to take with me. The first treatment day I took so much!

Now, I am down to a small bag. I wanted to share what I believe is needed and the main reasons why.

To start off, ask your facility what is provided. Mine has blankets, have heated recliners,1 and some snacks. They offer protein shakes, gingerale, sprite, multiple fruits juices, and of course ice water. They also oftentimes have small snacks such as peanut butter or cheese crackers. All facilities are different, but from what I have seen in the support groups is that these are fairly common snacks offered.

A small snack and lots of fluids is critical even during the infusion process. You are in the infusion room for a while. Shorter treatments are a couple hours, like mine, but some can last all day. They do allow you to bro my food and meals, just ask their specific rules. Strong smelling food are discouraged because they can cause nausea for others close to you!

Comfortable clothes are important. Dress in layers! Be prepared to freeze or roast as you just never know. I typically end up wearing PJ pants and a TShirt. The jacket almost always comes off on the first few minutes! Fuzzy socks are great because your will be able to prop your chair up or some have you laying in bed and it’s nice to kick those shoes off!

As far as entertainment things to bring…I suggest one or two things to occupy your time. A book, crochet or knit project, or electronic device. For me, there is a lot going on around me with up to 24 patients in the room with you. I prefer to bring my iPad, pop my earbuds in, and drown out the noise around me. Most faculties will have free WiFi for patients. Ask them!

For those recovering Taxol, it is highly recommended you put ice on your hands and feet during treatment. They will offer ice packs but they are just ziplock bags and melt quickly. They also don’t cover the entire hand or foot, just fingers and toes. I suggest purchasing some before your treatments begin. They can be pricey, about $25 for each set, but O searched Amazon Marketplace and found both the hands and feet set for $15!

One final thing I will say is that getting as close to a window as possible will help relax you. I am grateful that my clinic had an entire wall of windows and I have gotten a chair beside it every time. (6 treatments)

That is basically all you need! The first time around I brought so many things to keep me entertained as well as a blanket. It was just too much! I now have a small-ish bag and everything I take fits in that one bag. So much more convenient! Below are some pictures I took today at my treatment. If you have questions, pop a comment below!

This blog is intended for information and awareness so please share with anyone you feel could benefit from raw and real experiences of my cancer journey.

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