One year CANCER FREE!!!

One year ago today I was in a hospital room recovering from a single mastectomy.  Apparently, I wrote a blog post that evening, but I have absolutely no recollection of doing that!    It was one year ago that the surgeon roomed my right breast ridding me of the cancer trying to take over my … Continue reading "One year CANCER FREE!!!"

My New Accessory

When I had my surgery back in September the doctor had to remove two lymph nodes to determine if my cancer had spread. Thankfully, my lymph nodes were completely clean! What I never realized was that removing two lymph nodes would leave me with a reason for a medical alert bracelet! Let me start with … Continue reading "My New Accessory"

Surgery Day

It has been nearly a week since I have blogged. My week was busy but in a good way. Once getting the news that the CT scan and bone scan were clear, we prepared for surgery day. My AMAZING mother-in-law flew in from Arkansas and helped us get the house cleaned and ready for me … Continue reading "Surgery Day"